Hi! I'm KOTOBOT! I will help you study computer science. We will solve different tasks and write programs. The commands in my language are simple. You will learn them easily. Relying on your knowledge and skills I will dutifully perform all tasks. And if an error squeezes into the algorithm, I will show it to you. Making programs in my language, you will learn algorithms, conditions, loops, and much more. I wish you good luck and beautiful programs!

Task => Algorithm => Code
Interactive programming tasks 6+

Do you like to paint? Great! I have a code instead of brushes!

I can paint any picture if you help me - write a program! Learn my language and you will surely succeed.

Choose a picture and let's paint!

Can you draw a house, a giraffe or a crane? Great!

I can, too, if you write a program with my commands. Try not to be distracted and do the work carefully step by step.

Learn my new commands and go!

Do you like challenges? Then waste no time and open this section

There an array of tasks from simple to mind boggling awaits you. I will help you to learn the necessary commands. As the code becomes more complex, the result becomes even more exciting. I will be with you on every task.

Go for it!


Do you want to teach children to write program right from home? Then we are on the way! Kotobot will teach children the basics of programming by playing with them. Your child will write real code, by following simple instructions. Kotobot has many different tasks. You can easily choose interesting tasks for your child. You can get an idea of the tasks right now.


Kotobot is the result of accumulated knowledge and approaches to learning computer science and programming basics. Together with Kotobot children develop algorithmic thinking and learn to write programs. The Kotobot's language is quite simple and accessible even to younger students. For kids from 5 to 7 years there is a possibility of simplified writing programs. At the same time, the structures of algorithmic constructions as in the modern computer languages.